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Squire Sanders’ Roddy Devlin Discusses Emerging Trends in P3 Video Segment on The Bond Buyer

Squire Sanders’ Roddy Devlin was featured in a Bond Buyer video segment titled “The Changing Face of P3,” discussing emerging trends in public-private partnerships. The video opens with Mr. Devlin commenting on the state of social infrastructure in the US. Mr. Devlin also emphasizes the significant need for the Northeast to repair and upgrade existing infrastructure, and he explains the challenges and limitations, New York in particular, with the current legislation, existing design methods, and financing projects.

Manufacturers’ Organisation EEF in Association with Squire Sanders has Produced a Key Industry Report into Re-shoring Manufacturing

Companies in both the UK and the US that have previously off-shored low cost production may no longer be reaping the same benefits. While moving any manufacturing across borders is a significant decision for management, the report shows that this is not motivated solely by cost, but often to improve the quality of what is being produced and enhance customer service.