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Law Students

Squire Sanders Summer Associate Program Map out your success.

The Squire Sanders summer program is at the core of our hiring efforts. It is designed to give you a realistic look at our practice and the lawyers with whom you will work. It also gives us a sense of you and your potential as both a practitioner and colleague.

Whether you want the experience of working at a large, global organization with multinational clients or find the value in working in a smaller office and forging long-term relationships with colleagues and clients, Squire Sanders is for you. 

Squire Sanders recruits through resume collect, on-campus interviews and job fairs around the country.  Squire Sanders summer programs are as dynamic and diverse as the cities themselves and include outside social, cultural and athletic activities to help you get to know us and our communities.

We are no longer accepting applications for second-year law students for the 2014 Summer Program.  We have a limited number of positions available for first-year law students.  

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