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Legislación de agua limpia

Regardless of locale, industries, manufacturers, developers and public utilities across the globe face a multitude of water-related issues that impact their operations and strain their ability to manage resources while complying with water quality and water management requirements. Squire Sanders Environmental, Safety & Health Practice Group lawyers have extensive expertise in meeting these challenges under the Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and other related water laws in the US, as well as under the Water Resources Act and Water Industry Act and Water Framework Directive in the UK and EU. Indeed, our platform uniquely enables us to provide counsel to global clients on the diverse range of water quality and management matters that they face, as well as more localized clients that benefit from our jurisdictionally-based experience and innovative, often technical solutions to environmental challenges.

In the water context, Squire Sanders counsels major industry groups, developers, land owners and public utilities on a wide range of issues from compliance and management strategies to regulatory and legislative advocacy to permit and water quality standards negotiations. We regularly defend enforcement actions and citizen suits in the water context and litigate regulatory challenges of rules and permit terms. Additionally, our clients benefit from our long history of working with regulators in the US and UK on water-related cases and initiatives as well as our representation of key public utility and industry trade associations focused on water matters.

Representative Services

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
  • existing and developing laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions on water quality standards, wet weather planning and water management requirements.
  • Negotiating with regulators regarding the content of new rules and policies, and challenging rules where negotiated resolutions fail.
  • Drafting legislation and regulatory language on operational requirements, water quality standards, nutrient criteria, wet weather and affordability requirements applicable to public utilities
  • Advocating for adoption of revised financial criteria for public utilities for implementation of wet weather management

Water Management and Compliance and Permit Counseling
  • Counseling major manufacturers and public utilities in complex Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act permitting proceedings before state and federal regulatory bodies in the US.
  • Representing developers, landowners and other clients in obtaining and challenging water management permits and agreements, including 401 and 404 permits and wetland jurisdictional determinations.
  • Advising industries and landowners on flood liabilities and prevention strategies.
  • Negotiating private/public agreements related to water management issues.
  • Addressing licensing and permitting issues affecting water quality, water resource protection and management, and waste management.
  • Advising on the remediation of water resources, including groundwater reservoirs and settling ponds.

Enforcement, Third Party Claims and Litigation
  • Challenging US federal and state permitting decisions and regulatory rulemakings and actions.
  • Defending against governmental enforcement actions for alleged violations of water quality or management requirements, and negotiating consent decrees and compliance schedules.
  • Negotiating wet weather consent decrees and administrative orders for public utilities.
  • Defending enforcement actions and third-party injury or nuisance claims related to discharges from industrial and public utility clients.

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